GKonomics facilitates the Social Entrepreneur's partnership with the poor by forming strategic partnerships between the entrepreneur and the GK Communities.

GKonomics helps facilitate the Social Entrepreneur's involvement with GK and shares with them the GK values.

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  • 2 Shining Brightly
    at the GK Ray of Hope Village in Davao
  • 3 Made with care
    by GK Sunshineville
  • 4 The Newspaper Bag
    from Bagong Silang GK Village in Cavite
  • 5 Riding the Green Wave
    with Kawayantech
  • 6 Rosary Beads
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The "best for the least" is a sound business philosophy that drives the most privileged in our society to invest their time, talent and treasure to unleash the potential of the poor and the idle to produce quality products and provide excellent service. GKONOMICS is about creating wealth at the bottom of the pyramid with GK communities as a massive platform for social enterprise.

-- Tony Meloto
    GK Founder

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